My Story

Harold D. Thomas 

Born and raised in Detroit. Mich. The home of Motown, I sang my first note when I was pulled from my mother's womb, I was spanked and hit the C note. That's when my career began. I started playing clarinet in first grade and continued until the 6th grade, that's when I discovered the saxophone and all the other instruments I eagerly wanted to play. I mastered at least 5 instruments; Sax, Keyboards, Drums, Bass & Rhythm guitar & Harmonica.
I am a strong front lead vocalist/entertainer and I take over the stage as well as involve my audience. I have toured across Canada with the Boby Curtola Show, and doing my own show as well as opening up for Donny & Marie Osmond, Ben E. King at Lulu's in Kitchener Ontario and other big events throughout Canada. I have played in Toronto's R.B clubs such as the famous Blue Note and the Network. I took first place 5 times at Showtime at the Apollo in Harlem New York where I have a plaque on the wall for Top Dog of the year for 1992. I was one of the nine finalists for Fox’s 50th anniversary Star Search competition which was hosted by Ed McMan and Smokey Robinson at the Fox Theater, chosen from 4 thousand finalists across Mich.
 I’ve toured Japan for 3 months and I have been working in Las Vegas under the direction of the Princess of Motown "Sherry Gordy" Daughter of Berry Gordy founder of Motown. I would like to thank God for the inspiration that keeps me going.