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Hello! I am passionate about music and I am a songwriter/musician/ entertainer/ producer and singer! With an inclination towards Indie music, I worked on my first album named “My Life” which features my first music video and Single "MaMa I Owe It All To You" . To further promote music, I coach students of all age groups from Vocal to Instrumentation. My motto is to help people advance in the field of music while teaching them how to apply their artistic best.

                                  "The Single"

This song is an absolute dedication towards mothers and it depicts how the youth of America and other Countries should respect their mothers. Typically, teenagers in the US tend to disrespect their mothers and that was something which provoked me to have a song out there for all the lovely moms in our lives; who are not getting the due respect they deserve!

Go ahead and listen to my first single: Listen to MaMa, as it will help you realize how precious mothers are! I am a new and upcoming Indie Artist and this is my contribution to my fans!! My entire Album is free to listen and download as well. However, If you would like to purchase the single you can follow this link: But it is free on my site!!

I'm available for Live Performances ranging from a 1 Man Band to a 10 Piece Band. D.J., Recording & Video Production Services as well!!  I'm all about expressing personality as I continue to present my audiences with the Best in Live Entertainment possible for their events.!!

"I love to see the smiles and excitement on the faces of my audiences"!!

Thank you & Enjoy,

Love, Harold Thomas!

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